Our Program:

Allegheny Together is a program designed to support business development in traditional pedestrian-based business districts throughout the county. Through ongoing support from County Executive Rich Fitzgerald, the program stresses community organization and data-driven planning as a way to direct public investment, spur private investment and revitalize our communities.


Allegheny Together endeavors to encourage well-planned, well-designed and geographically-focused investment in the established, urban commercial districts of Allegheny County while respecting the unique history, character, and built environment of each. The program aims to help organize and empower each community to fulfill its collective vision.


This innovative program will provide select downtown-based communities with a five-year infusion of a host of dynamic services aimed towards the sustainable revitalization of their business districts. Allegheny Together is founded on the principal that Municipal involvement is essential to the strength and vitality of any business district initiative.